Lacapelle-Marival to Concèze

Other than the bass beat from a distant rave or similar, which made for a restless night, it would have been completely silent by the lake, so a highly recommended stop. This morning we were straight out to have a look at the castle and village, which were very pleasant.

Then we were off again on our “Escapades en Camping-Car” tour of the area. As it turned out, the route took us us to some really impressive villages, towns, and chateaux, but the weather just wasn’t on our side. In the knowledge that we would definitely be in the Dordogne area next May, we decided to use today as a research day, and we could then look forward to returning next year to do it all thoroughly.

On hitting the Northern most point of the set route by mid-afternoon, we decided to get in a couple of hours leisurely drive North, so as to ensure we were making incremental progress up through the country, as we gradually approach the end of this adventure.

We continued to discover some more, new interesting places, despite the fact that we’d now gone “off piste” from any guidebook.

Seeing a motorhome aire indicated in a tiny village as we drove past we thought it worth checking out, as these can often be very quiet and picturesque. The one here at Concèze definitely fits that description, and after Sophie directed me to the optimal parking place we are now enjoying great distant views across orchards and distant hills and valleys. Looking forward to another quiet night, and hoping the neighbour’s dog gets a good night’s sleep tonight too, as we don’t want him waking us up 😉.

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