Capdenac-le-Haut to Lacapelle-Marival

Five neighbours in all last night, and it was very quiet. Only one here by the time we surfaced, which is not unusual. It was a blogging catch-up morning, followed by Sophie’s lunch of home-made avocado, fried red pepper and onion wraps, using the dough she made and refrigerated a few days ago.

The larger town of Figeac was the first place on the agenda. We hadn’t done our homework properly, and I’d planned a drive through. However, it was too attractive not to give it more attention and so Sophie directed me towards a convenient parking area by the station (that was a first 😉), which coincidentally was a Park4night.

Figeac is definitely somewhere not to miss and after getting a map from the Tourist Office we trundled round to see the sights. After Figeac we were soon in the very attractive medieval town of Cardaillac, one of the “most beautiful villages of France.“ There was handy motorhome parking and facilities, and we took our second stroll of the day. Another must see place, in our opinion.

Our “Escapades en Camping-Car” guide now directed us to Lacapelle-Marival, to check out their chateau. If you ever find yourself driving in a motorhome between these two towns, then I’d suggest you don’t follow the D15 like I did. Although it takes you along some stunning valleys, with amazing views, passing any other vehicle along this narrow road would have been interesting.

Anyway, we survived and before long found ourselves in the very lovely town of Lacapelle-Marival. We immediately saw that there was quite a bit to see here, and having decided that we’d done our exercise quota for the day, thought we needed to find somewhere nearby to overnight, so that we could have a good look round in the morning.

We contemplated staying in their very ample central parking, but first we checked out a Park4night near to a lake. The entry on the app only showed one photograph of a grassy area, which is not the ideal surface when there’s so much rain about, but on arrival we could see that actually there was firm parking alongside. So here we are, lakeside, in the company of several fisherman. Hopefully should be a good spot.

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