Concèze to Montrol-Sénard

A busy morning onboard followed an extremely quiet night. We even had a neighbour on our bijou spot with a view. Sophie did some laundry and knocked up some delicious home-made lamb, oregano, and cucumber wraps, then after topping up with the free fresh water supplied, and tipping out, it was time to keep pushing North.

I basically just referred to the Escapades en Camping-Car guide’s set tours maps that matched my general direction of travel.

Similar to yesterday, we didn’t undertake any major visits, although the weather today was excellent, preferring to keep slowly progressing homeward. We took a stroll round the perimeter of Arnac-Pompadour’s very attractive château. Shortly after we visited the very attractive ancient village of Segur-le-Château. I’m not sure I’d be happy squeezing my away around their tiny streets to the parking area in anything bigger than our motorhome with its modest width, so you might want to consider your options if visiting here. Parking was fine for us and we enjoyed our stroll around there.

As it turned out, we didn’t cover all the suggested route’s stops, but rather enjoyed the great country D roads, took in a few chateaux, and noted to do a more thorough tour of the area next time we’re nearby.

As the afternoon turned into evening we were passing through the attractive village of Mortemart, and considered stopping nearby for the night. That‘s when we discovered on Park4night that Montrol-Sénard, 1.5km away had a couple of options. The official motorhome parking is on grass, which is something we’re not overly keen on after there’s been lots of rain, but just over the road there’s a generous hard-standing area for coaches. It’s a Sunday night and not high season, and we can’t see we’ll be in anyone’s way up here in this sleepy village, so this is where we’ll hopefully be enjoying the lovely country views this evening and in the morning.

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