The End of the Road (for this trip)

La Forêt-sur-Sèvre to Saint Malo, via Hédé

From La Forêt-sur-Sèvre, we drove to Nozay for a good set lunch at La Pierre Bleue (thanks for the recommendation Kenny & Tanya). From here on we were coming into more familiar territory, and 15 minutes North of Rennes, we were at an old reliable favourite overnight stop of ours at La Magdelaine, Hédé-Bazouges. A large rural carpark with no facilities, but a relaxing spot with plenty of personal space, and lovely walks along the canal and the “Onze Ecluses”.

Next day we lunched with good friends Shane and Toni at their lovely static home near Dinan and overnighted at the free motorhome aire at La Hallerais campsite, which outside school holidays is a peaceful stop.

On the the penultimate day of our Spring 2019 adventure we lunched at the impressive Le Bistrot du Viaduc in Dinan, then stocked up on some Lidl groceries.

We were booked on the next day’s ferry, but being pretty much ready to go then I thought I’d call and check that night’s ferry times. There was space on the boat for us, but check-in time was 4:40, and it was then 4:50, with us being 30 minutes away in Dinan. We’re very familiar with the route and with clear roads and a following wind it can be done in 25 minutes within the speed limits. We decided to go for it and arrived 20 minutes before the boat left port, driving straight on just at the point they needed us to. Phew!

It’s been our third extended Spring tour of Spain, Portugal, and France, and with the minimal of crossover between the three trips. Thank you for joining us on our journeys, for part, or for some of our followers, each day of our adventures. All your support, likes, follows, and comments are so very much appreciated.

We’ve no idea where our next adventure will take us, but if you don’t want to miss out then please like or follow RandomMotorhomeTravels

See you soon

Michael & Sophie

PS The first map (Before) show all the overnight stops we’d made before this trip (blue pins). The second map (After) shows all our new stops this trip. Slowly filling in those gaps.

PPS The impressive caricatures (had to look that one up) were painted by some good motorhome buddies, Jos & Jolanda, who we bumped into last year and we travelled with them then for a few great days in Spain.

2 thoughts on “The End of the Road (for this trip)

  1. Looks like a great trip. We have been travelling extensively for nearly 5 years now but have picked up some great stops for future reference. We too are mostly ‘free’ campers. Very interesting blog. Look forward to next one. Currently in La Seu d’Urgell, Catalunya slowly heading back to Calais for 20 June. Looking forward to filling in some gaps in our map heading towards Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing your journey. It has been a privilege to travel with you! I’ve avidly read your commentary Michael, and Sophie I have loved your photos. With the photos I think we share a certain taste. I’ve looked at so many of your photos, and thought if I’d been there, that is the photo I would have taken!
    Maybe next time we go travelling, I’ll try to be a bit more organised like you seem to be Michael. You always seem to have had one or more “possibles” up your sleeve if the first place you stop at doesn’t quite fit the bill.
    Of course I must also comment on the food Sophie has conjured up. Wow! I can only guess that you genuinely enjoy cooking. Envy/admiration doesn’t come close!
    I’m already looking forward to your next trip.
    Thanks again for sharing!

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