Cabrerets to Capdenac-le-Haut

This morning we left before coffee, which is rarely a wise move. Later, when my coffee deprivation led to a chocolate biscuit fixation, all I found was the empty packet Sophie’d left behind. It was time to stay calm and bite my tongue 🙄.

Cabrerets provide free motorhome facilities outside their campsite, so we took advantage of these, stopped for a few more photos, and then headed back to the River Lot.

We first passed Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, a town we’d visited on a previous trip. Several years ago the town was voted not just one of the most beautiful villages in France, but the most beautiful. We didn’t pop-in this time but from the last time we were here we’d say the village is worthy of the accolade.

I saw Cajarc coming up on the agenda and reckoned a lunch might be a possibility. The small riverside town has convenient day parking suitable for motorhomes. TripAdvisor showed us that the restaurant we’d chosen, Chez Moulino, was number two on their list. It was very nice, and a set menu of four courses with wine and coffee included for €13.50 was very much appreciated.

Stopping for lunch kept us out of the torrential rain, and so we managed to avoid the soaking we’d have received otherwise. Next stop was the tiny village of Larroque-Toirac, which for some reason I find great pleasure in pronouncing. It is famed for its tall castle that is built against the cliffs. Very impressive.

The hunt for overnight parking then began. There is never a hurry when it comes to this, and I simply look along our route on Park4night and program in a few possibilities. I wanted to keep near the River Lot, and our spot for the night has turned out to be Capdenac-le-Haut. This is the tiny medieval village that overlooks Capdenac, from a very high vantage point. We enjoyed a brief stroll around, before retiring to our comfy home on wheels. There’s very good dedicated motorhome parking here, with open and distant country views, and we currently have two neighbours. No reason not to expect a very peaceful night.

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