Sophie’d done a bit of research when we’d arrived at Cabrerets and discovered that it is home to Pech Merle, a real prehistoric cave with actual authentic cave paintings.

Sophie wasn’t keen on the idea of going underground herself so we drove up there and she sent me down. I’ve never seen real deal cave paintings before, and so to see them in situ, and in great condition, alongside the stunning geological features you would associate with millions of years old caves, was a great and memorable experience. Unfortunately, photography of any kind is prohibited, so you will need to check it out on the Internet to get a feel of what it looks like.

Sophie had intended to do a spot of baking whilst I was away, but instead spent the time looking at YouTube videos of the caves instead. I suppose that at least saved the €13.50 entrance fee, which I should add was worth every penny.

We returned to the same spot we’d spent the previous night down in Cabrerets, where it was now Sophie’s turn for a visit. She’d noticed the potter’s workshop next to our parking area and was keen to have a mooch and watch the potter at work. I used the time on an office call.

Something Sophie’d been keen to do at some stage was to cook a salmon soufflé. To make it more challenging she wanted to do it in an adapted pressure cooker, ie the rubber seal was removed, as a form of oven. It was a first for her, and a great and tasty success.

The weather had been pretty wet all day, but a break came in the early evening and so we had a wander around Cabrerets. By this time, there was no point moving on and so we decided to stay for a second night, which is a very rare occurrence for us.

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