A Day in Blaye

Here’s our journey so far:-


We’ve spent the last 2 days next to the Gironde here at ‘Blaye’, at its free Aire, and got the prime spot as far as we’re concerned!  See Michael in photo below.


 The sun’s been shining as you’ll see and it was lovely to eat our supper outside today.  

Michael was working part of today, but we also took a walk around the citadel and while he was working I prepared 3 chicken dinners! (not all for today!) – I think I’ll be chicken dinner od’d soon!  Have cooked it most days!  Brought a load over with us from my home freezer – so if you need a chicken one pot recipe, I should be able to help you!!!

Have turned in early (as we tend to do when motorhoming).  In my case no tv to keep me up!  I don’t think about it so am presumably not missing it, which is just as well! – as we aren’t getting one (Michael’s preference).  He’s a Kindle enthusiast!  – equally addictive, but not visually or audibly intrusive so one can’t object! – but reading can still be antisocial none-the-less!   I guess I’m just not a big reader by comparison!!! – can’t beat good old conversation I say!!!  Hey ho!

Heading further south tomorrow – will be in touch!

Have a good evening!




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