Castelnau de Montmiral to Lautrec

Actually, this photo is from yesterday, driving through the Aveyron Gorge to our overnighter.  We had stopped at ‘Saint Antonin Nobleval’ for water before we set off.  We were there overnighting in October – impressive larger medieval town. Free aire!

We saw no reason not to stay the night at this panoramic car park (see below) in ‘Castelnau de Montmiral’.   There was barely a soul about and it would have been a missed opportunity not to chance it!  It didn’t say no ‘camping cars’ after all!  Some do and we definitely don’t park in those.

So yet another free night’s stop and an amazing far reaching view thrown in for nothing!

We’ve only paid for one night altogether so far! – that will likely change when we hit the more touristy coastal Aires, but even then it’s not vast sums.

So another characterful medieval hill top village.

It was bitterly cold up there though as you can see from our attire! – but good to get out to see this hill top town and get our daily walk in.


The scenery we enjoyed driving to where we are this evening, which is the free aire at ‘Lautrec’, somewhere we happened to be in October in fact, and then of course explored the village (another pretty one), but today we just chilled out and pottered on board, and though cooler, it’s been lovely indoors in the sun and I’ve reorganised my cupboards, while Michael had a mix of work and rest and pottering.

Our view from where we’re parked up in the aire.

A few other motorhome’s here, all French, and all parked up by each other so we have bags of space to ourselves!  Vast aire either way!



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