Another night at ‘Homps’


Had a good overnighter here, a pizza lunch at a restaurant by the canal, (met some nice English people who have a holiday home nearby and who holidayed in Jersey back in 1985). 

We drove to the nearby lake this afternoon and Michael worked while I pottered on board, and we’ve decided it makes sense and would be relaxing to have another night here by the canal.  3 other motorhomes (different from last night) are stopping over too. 

It’s been really blowy here but very sunny, so lovely – not as cold as one might imagine. 

Here are photos of picturesque Homps. 


Pizza lunch at ‘Le Rive Gauche’


Can you spot our van?!

and the lake, 2 mins motoring distance


We’re just having a Baileys and an Amaretto over ice now! – not mixed! – though who knows, maybe that’d work!!!  




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