La Couvertoirade to St Cirq Lapopie on the Lot River

Having not been blown away in the night we had marmalade on toast and set off on foot to see the ancient village of La Couvertoirade, having paid our 3 Euros car parking (which of course made a cheap overnight stop. 

The sun was shining but it was very cold, so hats and scarves were in order.  Fortunately we had come with all weathers catered for!



From La Couvertoirade, we passed through the small village of La Cavalerie and headed towards the Millau Bridge – somewhere we’d been planning on getting to eventually, having driven under it last year, but this time drive on it!  Actually, driving under it is pretty spectacular, but you’ve got to drive on it too!   

Having seen photos before of this gigantic, ‘up in the clouds’ bridge, I’d always felt a bit apprehensive to go on it, BUT, was open minded, and brilliantly, it didn’t feel like we were changing level so to speak when we drove on it, as there was no awareness of the vast drop below, so no baited breath!  It actually felt a bit disappointing  oddly enough, bar getting some good shots of the structure, but I guess I should be grateful of no further heart stopping experiences! – least not for a while!



We enjoyed a lovely drive through Aveyron, with its vibrant green sunlit fields dotted with quaint stone buildings.  



Our resting place for the night is a 7 Euro Aire next to the river Lot.  So far our neighbour motorhome’s have been reasonably considerate, so let’s hope that continues!   When you come to a pretty peaceful location, it’s rather annoying to put up with other people’s inconsideration, which can be the case, but thankfully, with a motorhome, one can usually readily move to another spot!


Our next plan is to have a walk around this picturesque aire before it gets dark.   Sorry, no photos yet of the really pretty view!  Hopefully will get some tomorrow morning.  Let it too late today and our walk was at dusk!



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