Langourla and ‘The Chaos’


It is such a pretty, quiet place to be, ideal for walking, and great for thigh toning cycling too! (well – am guessing!!!)


Later that day I found this out! Boy oh boy! – am I lacking fitness! – but I’m proud to say I didn’t get off my bike to walk it, but pressed on in and (albeit sounding like a woman in labour!!!), made it up each slope and modest hill!

We took our friends to ‘The Chaos’ – a lovely little wooded spot where the stream tumbles over beautiful smooth stones. In dappled light it’s a ‘magical’ place to be. You can tell as a little girl I loved fairy stories!



So, an hour and a half of walking, and a few miles of cycling (with a break for lunch in between!), we had a right good innings of exercise! I do not normally exert myself anywhere near this much, but we had so much to show our friends, and all needed to burn off those almond croissants!!!

Marvellously, and much to both Michael’s and my surprise, neither of us were saddle sore the next day, and both were devoid of aching limbs! Bonus! Perhaps our daily (or as good as!) constitutional of the last months, is paying off!

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