La Ferriere aux Etangs, Orne, Normandy

We have spent 2 nights cost free at La Ferriere aux Etangs Aire.

We overnighted firstly (as you can see in the photos immediately below), but last night, seeing what other motorhomers have done, we moved through to what we thought was the municipal campsite, to what would seem in fact to be laid on as the Motorhome aire.

Anyway, that to follow later!

Beyond the aire boundary hedge is the village plan d’eau (lake) which makes for a nice stroll.

You can see, with other vans already parked up, why we reckoned we must be in the right spot. However, 2 of the vans were keen fishermen, and we now realise they parked where they have for ready access to the lake with all their gear to carry each time.

The weather has been lovely! – and with so few vans at this particular place, we felt relaxed to put the awning up. Generally this is not the done thing at aires, partly to discourage people from setting up camp!, but also as a way of ensuring people aren’t selfish with the space, and hogging parking that can be used by others. Well, these 2 reasons are my reckoning anyway!

So awning out (and only takes Michael a jiffy really), we had a lovely shaded spot for cooking up lunch.

I had prepared some ratatouille which went very nicely with some sausages. We are very delighted with our pieces of camp cooking kit – our single burner gas hob which uses the hairspray size canisters, our ‘Kampa’ stove wind shield, and great little folding table – all seeming like they came together!

So along with using my non-stick griddle pan (making for effortless clean up), we had a simple but tasty lunch!

Enjoying the shade!

We spent late afternoon in Flers. We had just been popping there to grocery shop really but were going to do a drive through, but checking out the place on Google, it was evident that a couple of places were worth visiting.

80% of the town had been destroyed in the 2nd World War, but the old chateau had been spared and is now the Marie’s offices, and the church (Saint Germain) also was left intact. Undoubtedly other places too, but unknown to me.

You can see the church of Saint Germain here – it looms up imposingly on the skyline.

This charming property caught my eye!

Interesting to see the Alpha course being run here!

Chateau of Flers – now the Marie, but with public walks in the parkland and around the lake.

Another view of the chateau

The lake at Chateau de Flers (now the offices of the Marie) is a stunning location for a leisurely stroll, and open, free of charge, to the public. There is also a museum in the grounds, but we didn’t visit that.

The sky was my favourite kind with puffy (arty!) white clouds! – making for beautiful reflections in the still water.

I rather wish we’d savoured our visit longer by sitting on a bench for a while and just drinking in the delightful setting. Perhaps if we’re passing through again one day in the future a little accompanying picnic wouldn’t go amiss!

Just follow the path, but with more time, there are 11 hectares of parkland to walk through and enjoy (I think I read!). No cycling allowed unfortunately!

IMG_2610 IMG_2613 IMG_2617

IMG_2626 FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-5 IMG_2635

The Etang (lake)

The spot we moved to within the reserved area for Camping-Cars (motorhomes) on our 2nd night at La Ferriere.

Time for a glass of French Rosé before the steaks go on the griddle!

A glass of red with the steaks – note Michael’s cheeky face!

It’s hard to beat a steak and mixed green dressed salad, and so easy to throw together!

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