Shiltach to Oppenau via Haslach

We called in at the picturesque little town of Haslach and were given a helpful welcome by the head of Tourism, who showed us where we could park. I think he must have been heading out on his lunch break and saw us arrive, so that was good of him. Fluent in English! Gosh, how I’d love to be a linguist! I wish! – well, I’d love to be fluent at French certainly! – but shall accept muddling my way along with my smattering instead! C’est la vie!😉
Passing through towns such as Wolfach, Alpirsbach (where I met a nice young English couple, Tom and Florence in Lidl!). I heard the English voices and could not resist saying ‘Hello’ – and of course, being me, said a bit more too!😉
They were between jobs and had borrowed the family motorhome and were touring in Europe. I had a lovely chat with them. Great to see such a young couple clearly enjoying the motorhome lifestyle and having that opportunity. I naturally filled them in about Poppy in her van, as well as saying Daisy hopes to have one too one day! – bit of a family thing!

We also drove through Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach, where Michael wanted us to visit a nature reserve for bears and wolves (as we’d done 25 years ago) but it was chucking it down, so sat on board eating a Berliner instead! (Donut in our language – probably doughnut to be English accurate!). 

The weather was pretty foul, so we just pressed on, driving through mist like foggy rain or whatever it was!

Driving gingerly down the mountain the smell of overheating break pads was somewhat alarming, but Michael endeavoured to assure me it wasn’t anything to panic about! – though his assurances were not in fact assuring! 😉 

We finally arrived at Oppenau where we stayed for the night, and the next morning set off for Baden Baden. 

The rain stops and the sun returns!

Oppenau for us was just a stopover, so we pressed on and didn’t visit the town.


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