Coulon to La Rochelle

It was then on to the little riverside town of Coulon in the Marais Poitevin for the night. We pulled in at the paying aire and enjoyed drinks sat outside until dark, celebrating Nick and Sal’s 27th wedding anniversary. 
We’re a week on and we’ve not had a meal out yet, so today is looking to be it! Last night, unable to park in the La Rochelle aire we had in mind by the town centre, we found our way down to the port and marvellously have racked up (though spaciously so), with tens of other motorhomes, overlooking the marina with the landmark La Rochelle old port in the distance.
Adding to the convenience of this free overnight spot, we are going to be able to take advantage of a little shuttle boat service right on our doorstep, and for a reasonable 3 Euros per person single ticket. Michael’s been working this morning and is currently on a conference phone call, but we’re hoping to get on the 12.30pm boat and enjoy the little trip into the old port.  
It’s a beautiful day today and lovely and warm, so ideal for our trip out and hoped for lunch! We’re all doing our own thing, the others having headed out to their own activities already. 


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