Beaucaire, Tarascon and Comps (Part 1)

We visited two good sized riverside towns in one day – and no least because they were only separated by a bridge over the river Rhone. Despite very strong wind, we walked across, whilst holding our glasses in our hands! That’s glasses, as in specs, wanting to avoid a repeat of Michael’s glasses flying off his face in windy weather some time ago!  

We had managed to park up in the aire on Beaucaire’s river front (albeit a rather utilitarian section), but although free, as in no charge to use it, a little too close to ones neighbouring vans to want to overnight there. That’s one thing we don’t enjoy is being racked up close like so many other people seem happy to do.  

We walked up into the town and climbed a good number of stone steps to below the old chateau ruins, to a great vantage point overlooking the slate rooftops into the distance.  

The backdrop of, be it smoking or steaming factory chimneys made for quite an intriguing, almost sci-fi movie scene, but equally and oddly enough rather blended in with the foreground of the old stone town, all with its natural earth colour palette. 

Ambling along the riverside, and with it being lunchtime (although in our book, no specific time, just when we start to fancy food!) we thought we’d take a chance (which you do every time of course with one-off visits), on a set lunch menu at a superb price. 

The weather was very pleasant which meant we were able to sit outside and enjoy watching the world go by as we ate our tasty, good value, all inclusive of coffee, and wine lunch!  

That afternoon we crossed the bridge and meandered around Tarascon, enjoying as we do, all the fascinating back streets where so much of visual interest is to be found.

Our overnight stop that night was the 6 Euro motorhome aire at Comps, about 10 minutes away. One could choose to park up on the concrete hard standing, where everyone else was, or do as we did, which is park down by the riverside, equally legitimate. To us it was a no brainer! – and particularly so with no threat of flooding looking likely!

One very annoying thing of these paying aires, way more than the nominal cost, is the fact of the invariably early morning rent collection! Having had the ‘rude awakening’ at the Carmargue aire, we thought we’d try hanging the money in a zip lock freezer bag for the man to help himself! Sadly he was too polite to do so, so yet again, Michael had to climb out of his cosy bed, pull back the blind and drop the window. You don’t have this inconvenience of course with the free overnight stops.  

Free water in our fee price at Comps, so before leaving we filled up. In fact we do a thing whereby we’ll often get a shower in and then fill up!   













































[Photos tomorrow from the other side of the Rhone in Tarascon in Provence – M]


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