Pernes Les Fontaines

Pernes les Fontaines was a great overnight stop in their free aire parking spaces in the general public car park. It is very conveniently located across from the attractive old town and ‘village’ green with willow trees. 

After a wedding party had finished their brief casual photo shoot in the grounds, we locked up and headed into the old town for a walk and some photos of our own! It proved to be a very picturesque town. 

That evening a few young people were based at their cars having pizzas and so forth, and so we moved the van to the end of the car park in case we were in for a disturbed night, but credit to them, they weren’t noisy, headed home at a very reasonable hour, and the next morning, we saw 5 pizza boxes neatly piled up on top of the bin!  

As we headed off, we made our way around to the local campsite for some free water and emptying facilities which was handy!

































Date of visit: 19/03/2016

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