Fontaine de Vaucluse

Rightly or wrongly, Fontaine de Vaucluse was somewhere we felt a little negative towards on visiting. Firstly they charged motorhomes to park full stop, but also charged cars too! – and a flat price of a good few euros! – and that was before paying more to overnight even. There were parking marshals on duty at various barriered car parks. We just felt it all seemed a little unwelcoming!

So having circumnavigated this one way riverside spa town once to gauge the situation, we were adamant we were not going to be paying, and parked a 10 – 15 minute cycle ride out of the town, got the bikes down from the back of the van (first time this trip) and enjoyed a cost free ride in!

Once we’d padlocked the bikes to some convenient railings we ambled around this clearly popular resort town heaving with visitors. All the more, we were going off the place! It clearly had been a really pretty place in its time, but likely due to an understandable need to be a bit commercial, it had become overrun with tacky gift shops and so on that rather spoilt it’s otherwise charming character (at least in our eyes!)

I don’t like to sound negative about the place, and we may be the only people to feel the way we did about it, but as I say, what with the military style parking charging and so forth, it didn’t rank high on our visits, though there will be some pleasing photos from it none-the-less in its defence!










































Date of visit: 20/03/2016

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