On to Rouissillon

Roussillon was our next stop having left Gordes, passing by an old abbey, which we didn’t bother visiting, but saw basically from above! We passed it below us as we wend our way down the mountain road from Gordes. 

The village of Rousillon was shades of yellow, orange and red, all tying in with the colour of the ochre soil of the terrain, ochre once quarried there, but now, tourism is their thing, the ochre quarries long closed. 

We found the aire (free off season, as is our situation), but decided to spend our daylight hours at a lovely spot a few minutes drive from the town and return to the aire at dusk. No point in sitting in a less inspirational setting when a beautiful one is there for the taking!

So we enjoyed relaxing on board in the open landscape, returned to the aire for a peaceful nights sleep, and walked the 10 minutes into the village the next morning. 

The sun brightened as the day went on so that was great as Roussillon definitely comes alive in the sunshine. Having walked around the village and realising we could do with a couple of grocery items we headed into the local mini market grocery store and bought a baguette and some salad leaves. The other items weren’t urgent.

You can pay to walk through a ‘park’ of natural ochre rocks formations, which we did, and Michael even persuaded me to walk the longer option of the two routes! The lighting from the sun was superb and so in turn the vibrancy of the ochre ‘hillocks’ stunning!

Feeling peckish we split our baguette in two and munched on that as we followed the route down and around and back up the flight of wooden steps to the starting point.  

Having done all we wanted to do in the village, we decided to return to our favourite out of town spot to spend the rest of the afternoon before moving on to our next night stop. Managed to fit in a haircut for Michael!



































[More from Rouissillon tomorrow – M]

  1. Date of Visit: 21/03 to 22/03/2016

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