Moustiers to Villecroze, via Aups

We leave Moustiers, passing Lac de Ste Croix and make our way to the town of Aups to use their free aire for the night.

We walked around the town and headed into a boulangerie before we left and bought a ‘Religeuse’ to share.  Religeuse I read somewhere means nun!  Not sure I can quite see the connection but anyway!   I have to say, as unctuous as it looked (a coffee eclair on steroids!), it was rather disappointing!  We were both saying straight after we’d have enjoyed an almond croissant much more!!!

It was Easter the next day, and so I was finally able to get the little chocolate eggs from out of the overhead locker I’d stashed them in!



Villecroze was our next stop with it’s fascinating troglodyte park and waterfall.   We enjoyed a walk there and in the village itself.  All very picturesque.



Date of visit: 26/03/2016

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