Tourtour and Ampus

On to Tourtour in the drizzle!  Pulled up and parked and cooked sausages on board before donning our raincoats and heading into the village in its lovely setting.

What with Easter, there was an egg themed festival going on with games and music creating quite some buzz!   There were plenty of people there and I imagine they’d come from villages around and about to enjoy a family day out on this Easter Day.

Stopped off at Ampus and had a walk around the village, again in rather drizzly conditions!

As we were coming back to the van we found a little mauve Easter egg ornament in the muddy gravel surface and so I retrieved it, washed it on board, and now it’s hanging over our rear view mirror.  Needless to say it’s not made of chocolate!


Date of visits: 27/03/2016

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