On to Greasque and Aix-en-Provence

Overnighted at the free aire in the town of Greasque.  We never got to visit Greasque itself, but know it has a mining background going by the mine museum we were parked next to!
We were staying at this aire before heading on to visit Aix, there being no aires in Aix itself.

Anyway, that evening I doctored some regular croissants and turned them into Almond Croissants (Croissants aux Amandes), and yummy they were too!  I manage to do them under the grill too which is handy!  I made four, so two that evening and two for breakfast!   I see from the photo I forgot to dredge icing sugar on them for that final flourish!  – oh well, a few less calories!

There were quite a number of vans at Greasque, but room enough for everyone.   The next morning we headed into Aix.




Next morning we headed off in the van to Aix.   My friend Angelina from school days, who lives not far from there, had given us some helpful pointers on where to park which proved ideal.
So we found out way to the Stade car park and walked the 15 minutes or so into town.  Aix is not geared up with a motorhome aire oddly enough as I mentioned.

It was a lovely sunny day so we fitted in a nice outdoor lunch on the main boulevard.  Brilliantly, after our lunch, having spotted a ‘petit train’ go by, we decided to fit that in before heading on to visit Angelina and her family for afternoon tea.

We got to the ‘petit train’ in the nick of time, with less than 5 minutes before it set off.  Had we missed it, we’d have needed to walk around the town as best we could, but we weren’t feeling hugely energetic, and time wasn’t on our side, so the mini tourist train proved ‘just the ticket’ and took us to see all the main sights.

We have used ‘petit trains’ before very successfully in larger towns and cities.  Just the job! – and not expensive.

After our time in Aix we had a lovely time catching up with Angelina and her family.

It was very convenient that evening to head the short distance back to Greasque for a second free night.  Ideal!




Date of Vist: 29/03/2016

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