Carro and Martigues

Carro was our 2nd Mediterranean sea overnight stop.   It wasn’t my favourite choice as regards being racked up with all the other vans, but from our first spot, we soon moved to a superior one where we had just one immediate neighbour only and a decent view of the sea.
It was incredibly blowy there but the beauty of that meant we could enjoy watching the various windsurfers right in front of us – a number of them being fellow campers in this paying aire.
We did our usual of taking a stroll in the vicinity, seeing the little village, and even got to sit outside for a bit.

Cooked us a nice griddled salmon steak each in a dash of olive oil and with a nob of butter added at the end.  Cooked some basmati rice and tossed it in the buttery loveliness!  Lemon wedge, grinding of black pepper, and yum!  Quick and tasty meal.








More from Martigues tomorrow



Date of visits: 30/03 to 31/03/2016


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