Lautrec to St Nicolas de la Grave

An overnight stop at the Lautrec aire – one of Michael’s favourites.  We have used it twice before now.

Before the sun went down we walked up into the village, and right on up beyond the old windmill to the path up to the highest panoramic viewing point, and just in time before the sun went!

The next morning we didn’t bother rushing off and made the most of the spacious aire in its very pleasant setting (free except in July and August).




Buzet-sur-Tarn caught my eye, so we stopped in the central square area, cooked up some lunch, and with the sun so lovely, headed out for a stroll and explore.




On through Orgueil to Saint Nicolas de la Grave for a very peaceful free overnight stop, with free water.  We had a very pleasant evening walk around the village before cooking supper and settling in for the night.





Dates of visits: 06/04 to 07/04/2016

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