Flan Parisien

One small thing I found intriguing. Before we came away for our trip, and for Michael’s birthday in fact (as he loves all things custard!), I finally got to make a recipe that I’d seen on Facebook a year or two back that looked great as well as fascinating!

I produced this custard flan and was taken aback at how impressive it was! – and how easy! – and we all enjoyed it! There was enough for 2 final slices to come away with us!

Some months back, I had picked up a ‘Contact’ pamphlet when we randomly had called into that particular French supermarket. A clearly custard based recipe in the magazine caught my attention, and I had popped the booklet away tidily on board, with a view to trying it sometime.

Bizarrely, but clearly, looking at the ingredients and photo against my flan, this clearly was one in the same! Well I never! How funny!

I shall most definitely be making it again and likely soon! – and it is already part of my repertoire needless to say! So friends, you may get to sample it one of these days! – and put a request in to do so if you like the sound of it!

I might see if Michael wants to learn how to make it!

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