‘Vallee des Papeteries’, Léguer Valley’ – 1

We enjoyed a lovely rural drive through the ‘Vallee des Papeteries’, the old paper making industry route in the Léguer Valley, stopping off at the ruins of an old factory and latterly the remnants of a disassembled barrage which had been the location of another paper making factory.

Everywhere we walked we passed copious chestnut and hazelnut trees, plus a cob nut tree, I think! – perhaps beech nut, not sure! Need to check that out! – no least as my maiden name ‘de Faye’ means ‘of the beech tree’, so I should know really shouldn’t I!

We had tried to locate a menhir that was signposted, but ended up in a derelict farmyard, with a wired off field of cows between us and the menhir!

We also called in at Chateau de Rosambo, but being later in the day it was closed, so I got Michael to give me a leg up so I could peep over the stone wall for a sneaky photo (though only a silhouette as totally into the sun!) – hey ho! Was amusing getting hoisted up if nothing else!

Date of visit: 20/07/2016

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