Plestin Les Greves – 1

Plestin Les Greves we returned to quite by chance. We were keeping an eye out for an overnight stay somewhere and found ourselves returning to this free aire in its cliff top location that we had stopped at on a prior trip. On that occasion we had stayed at the little aire by the harbour bay, but this time, we enjoyed using the big aire with panoramic elevated views just a couple of minutes motoring further on around the headland.

The top two tiers of designated motorhome spaces were already taken, so we parked tidily (being a shorter van than most), in the run of car spaces the next tier down. We had a great view of the bay and enjoyed that over our outdoor light supper of baguette and cheese.

The next morning we donned our sun hats and headed down onto the beach and leisurely made our way around to the little harbour, going gingerly through one brief stretch that was a little bit slippery where samphire was growing in abundance – clearly the samphire liked that terrain! – it was almost a samphire field in the making.

We got to the half way point of our walk and conveniently were able to get a long relaxing lunch in at the creperie – not our first choice of French cuisine, but it was the only eatery, and the food was perfectly pleasant, and made even better with being able to sit out in the sunshine and with a Kir Breton appertif to start with. I think we were there almost a couple of hours!

Heading back we discovered we could have avoided the slightly slippery stretch by using one of the flights of steps up the side of the headland. Hey ho!

We re-saw the Roman thermal bath ruins that are on route and followed the tree lined path back to the aire. It had been a very enjoyable outing!

We stayed another night there, with a lovely sunset, and the following morning Michael got a swim in before we made tracks. I gather it was lovely! I watched from the shore and of course took some photographic evidence!

Date of visit: 21/06/2016

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