En-route to Diben at Plougasnou – 1

Driving along some stunning open coastline (ideal for a wild camp!), our next stop was another favourite free aire at the fishing port of Diben at Plougasnou. This had featured on the front cover of the 2015 Aire’s book.

It is such a picturesque open spot with lovely walk over to the craggy headland beyond the port itself.

Michael got a swim in here too!

We have never had trouble getting a decent pace to park up there, and the next day, secured the best spot (in our eyes!), and would have stayed all day, but a young family parked up behind us and their 2 young children were hare’ing around on bikes, the little boy making annoying motorbike sounds! – incessantly if felt like! We need to remember it’s school holidays after all!

So having enjoyed a day and a half there, we took a view and made tracks! Undoubtedly we’ll be back over the coming years! That was our second visit in a short space of time after all!

Date of visit: 22/07/2016

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