Roscoff – 1

Next stop Roscoff. We pulled in to a convenient car park opposite the tourism office right be the old port. It was just 2 euros for 2 hours parking which would be plenty enough for us.

Having got a map and walking route of the town from the lady at the tourism office (as we do!), we set out. Michael’s the map man – not my thing as is often the way with women, so they say! – or perhaps it’s more a case of men like to think they know better and like to be in control! In our case, it’s because Michael is way better with map reading and directions! – well usually!!!! Hmmmm!!!!

We set out, and walked, and walked, and all very uninspiring with not a hint of anything we were supposed to be seeing! I was endeavouring not to get irritated and blame Michael, and hopefully kept that under wraps! Having had no sleep the night before however my energy levels seemed to vanish! I just had to sit down at some point and could barely find the energy or wherewithal to get back on my feet!

Somehow we missed following the map, but Michael assured me it wasn’t down to him, but something wrong with their route. If he weren’t as good as he is with directions I’d not give him the benefit of the doubt!

Well anyway, fortunately we found ourselves in the old town after a long tiring trudge! We sat down on a bench and watched the world go by, enjoying the sights, before walking along the harbour promenade back to the van.

Getting back with plenty of time still on our parking, and having bought a baguette, we had that with cheese and so on, me fit for nothing else!

Date of visit: 24/07/2016

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