Cleder, Le Folgoet and Lesneven – 1

We spent a good few hours parked up by the beach at Cleder. It wasn’t possible for an overnight there as the sign said motorhomes could park there during the day only! Fair enough!

From here we drove on to the spacious and free aire (with free water!) at Le Folgoet. Michael cooked supper that night as I couldn’t muster up the energy! We had our much enjoyed Lidl breaded fish and some nice fresh green beans and a lemon wedge. I talked him through how to cook everything! Probably as tiring as cooking it myself! Haha!!! I did appreciate being cooked for though – could get used to that! Haha!!!

We had a decent uninterrupted sleep there at that rural aire. The next day we got a buffet lunch in at a local restaurant, which was an interesting experience, a first for us as such. The food was as expected, cold meats and salads to start, a couple of hot meat main dishes, all very decently prepared and cooked, (in fact yummy home cooked chips!), and excellent home made puddings! We chose the strawberry sponge and the coconut tart. I wish I’d known if I could have had seconds! Mind you, my weight is creeping back up as annoyingly it does when we’re away, so perhaps best I didn’t!

That same day we called in at the town of Lesneven where they were holding their all day market.

Our next night stop was quite a surprise as it was a coastal spot at Plouenour-Trez which actually had a sign indicating motorhome car park! – and with no time constraints! – so naturally we didn’t turn our noses up at the opportunity, and sat out on a bench overlooking the beach for a short while until it got a bit cool, and I then retired to the van while Michael had a beer outside.

That was another peaceful night stop with just one other van sharing the parking with us.

Date of visit: 24/07/2016

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