Brignogan sur Plages – 1

Brignogan sur Plages was somewhere we spent a good bit of time.

We parked up and walked around to the deserted hotel Castel Regis and couldn’t help but wonder what’s it’s demise had been in such a stunning prime location.

We also walked around overlooking another beach nearby, appreciating more of the ruggedly beautiful Finistere coastline. It really has been a case of quality beaches the whole trip, and so unspoiled. Being used to beautiful beaches and bays in Jersey, we can be rather fussy and critcal, but all the beaches we’re seeing here in Finistere (and that’s a lot!), are faultless.

If you love to get away from the madding crowd, like a slower pace of life, love the sea and just enjoying nature, then you will love the away from it all feel of Finistere.

Oh, and how could I forget to mention our surprise at passing a few exotic animals on the road!

Date of visit: 25/07/2016

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