Kerlouan Phare du Pontsuval, and the village at Meneham – 1

Kerlouan with its Phare du Pontsuval in the bay there, and the intriguing village at Meneham were well worth a visit. I loved the amazing little cottage in the huge great rocks at Meneham and must have a read up about that in English on Google! Didn’t understand a word of the audio visual!

The tasteful quality craft shops were enjoyable to browse there too. Some super things for sale.

We parked up in the general car park there at the village and enjoyed an amble around this free tourist attraction. I was really delighted not to have missed out going there. Fascinating!

The locality is dotted with these vast boulders and rocks and many houses have certainly one in their garden!

Date of visit: 26/07/2016

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