Port du Curnic at Guisseny, Greve du Zorn, and Plouguerneau and the Phare de L’ile Vierge

Port du Curnic at Guisseny proved to be a very pleasant free night stop. One or two other vans were there, but parked up on the other side of the car park, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

After our supper we enjoyed a stroll along the little breakwater to the small island peninsula before settling in for the night with a ‘homemade’ almond croissant and glass of cherry nectar!, but not before filling up with free water!

We were impressed to see the sign at the entrance to the car park actually gave authorisation for motorhomes to use it! We felt very privileged!

The next day we pulled in to the Greve du Zorn for a few hours, before getting underway again.

We spotted a sign for a medieval site at ‘Iliz Koz’, and not sure if we wanted to bother going in, if we’d find it interesting enough and not knowing the price, I took a sneaky peep over the hedge instead! So, sorry, none the wiser to be able to recommend it or not!

Our next night stop was particularly impressive as it was just a random car parking area in an especially scenic location. We looked straight across the sea towards the ‘Phare de L’ile Vierge’, which is so tall we’ve been seeing it for miles on this coastal route we’ve been driving.

The weather was a bit drizzly and overcast and so the lighthouse was only partially visible, but along with the little fishing boats and low tide scenery it made for a memorable vista.

We sat down to a very simple but delicious supper of sausages and fried onions, and followed that with a stroll along the cliff path, passing some goats munching on their supper of copious amounts of bracken.

Date of visit: 26/07 to 27/06/2016

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