Lannilis and Port de l’Aber Wrac’h – 1

Lannilis was our next day’s destination. Michael had done a school exchange there as a youngster, which in fact, rather unfortunately had proven to be rather a traumatic experience, being there alone, and with the French family speaking not one word of English!

Perhaps not surprisingly he didn’t recognise anything of the town all these years later!

We however made it a memorable second visit for him (in a positive sense!) by using ‘Trip Advisor’ to hunt down a recommended place for lunch, which turned out to be a very good lunch indeed! We also enjoyed chatting with a family with connections to Paris and Finistere. I always love opportunities to have a go at using my limited spoken French, but as always, I need to so improve on my French comprehension!!! I find it sooooo frustrating I understand so little of what they say!

Both Michael and I want to improve our French.

One new word we were introduced to that day at the restaurant was ‘espadon’. We saw it mentioned later on a poster at the supermarket. It’s swordfish, which we had for lunch, and much like fresh tuna, and so that was a new word as well as a new culinary experience!

From Lannilis we drove to our next night stop at Port de l’Aber Wrac’h. There were a few other vans in this big open car park by the marina there. No facilities there, but a free stop, so as always, not to be sniffed at! Actually, that amuses me having written that, as facilities of course includes the need to empty ones toilet cassette! – thankfully not a traumatic experience as one might think thanks to the chemicals and what transformation they bring about – both visually and aromatically!!!! I think the fact that Michael does the loo cassette emptying and hasn’t been traumatised by it is testament to this! Haha!

As a hands on dad he was good at helping out with the nappy changes, but never without his t-shirt pulled up over his nose! – and anytime the girls were sick, well, no way was he to be seen for dust!

It was a quiet night at the port there and we got a walk in before bedtime. The next day, again, having referred to ‘Trip Advisor’, we picked out a lunch venue. It was superb in fact! We had all things fishy, bar the dessert! Michael had a fish soup, followed by a fish kind of stew’ish kind of thing, while I thoroughly enjoyed the leisurely drawn out affair of picking a chancre crab. Delicious! I hope to enjoy another crab before too long!

For dessert we chose to have ‘Phare Breton’ with salted caramel sauce. It’s rather like sunken Yorkshire pudding! It’s a very hearty pudding, but tasty with the caramel sauce (though could have done with lashings more sauce from choice!).

As well as thoroughly enjoying the food in this little no frills authentic sea food restaurant with charming proprietress, we really enjoyed getting chatting to fellow motorhomers Denise and Gary from England.

I don’t spend my lunches eavesdropping, well not altogether Haha! – but couldn’t help but hear the name ‘Jersey’ mentioned! – and being me, in turn said ‘Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice you mentioned Jersey!’ or words similar.

We chatted for ages, hopefully not holding up the restauranteur, but I doubt it in France where a leisurely meal is the way! Before Denise and Gary headed off we exchanged emails and have been in touch since, they down now in the south west of France, and hopefully having a great time!

Date of visit: 28/07/2016

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