Aber-Benoit, Saint Pabu – 1

We had an enjoyable drive in sunshine en-route to Aber-Benoit, Saint Pabu, pulling in at one or two places along the way for a brief amble and to admire the views. Certainly the Finistere coastline doesn’t lack curb appeal!

We overnighted at this wild camp location for 2 nights in fact as it was such a scenic spot, and we were enjoying walks at the beaches there, Michael getting some swimming in, and generally just doing our mix of some work and chilling out!

We were fine for water etc, but had we needed anything, for just a token few euros we could have made use of the services at the campsite there, including their little supplies shop. As it happens, we had all we needed, but did buy a baguette which was handy as Michael fancied cooking up hot dogs and fried onions!

Thinking of dogs, my only irritation with this stop was towards one van neighbour, who, each time they went out, they left their dog on board, and it barked and barked! The convenience for them having a guard dog, was an absolute irritating pain in the neck for us!!!!

Thankfully with motorhoming one can often change spot or at worst always move on! We sat it out in this case! Funnily enough, we’d moved once already! A couple pulled up and parked unreasonably close to our van when the whole area was free! That is soooooo irritating! You hear their tv’s, their every word and it’s just totally thoughtless when avoidable. That elderly couple must have thought they were having a senior moment, as we moved spot while they were off out for a walk!

Thankfully these minor, in the bigger scheme of things annoyances, don’t spoil the overall great experience.

Date of visit: 29/07 to 31/07

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