Portsall – 1

Portsall was another lovely place to visit. It’s a small harbour village and sunny whilst we were there, so particularly buzzing with activity.

We pulled in at the little village market and bought some salad vegetables and strawberries, and a seeded loaf from the boulangerie.

We were fortunate in finding a space down by the port where a couple of other motorhomes had already parked up. Had we arrived much later we might not have achieved this.

Michael and I both really fancied a cheddar and onion sandwich – random I know, but one of us had mentioned that, and we both then decided on that for our lunch, so having pulled the contents of my Jersey fridge out to come with us, we now had a block of cheddar on the van. I don’t think I’d ever tire of cheddar!

Anyway, those sandwiches were every bit as yummy as envisaged! Another lovely sunny day, we donned our hats and headed over the road with our coffees to sit on the benches and watch the world go by. It was funny actually as we sat for a while on the bench in the shade and then, when we started to feel a bit cool, we moved around to the other bench in the bright warm sunshine, and reiterated this sequence a few times which worked rather well!

There was more to see, so deposited our mugs back on board and explored around the rest of the port area there, again sitting down in different places to enjoy the views and buzz of the place. It was the weekend so everyone was out.

Date of visit: 31/07/2016

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