Port d’Argenton – 1

We pulled over at the side of the road in Port d’Argenton overlooking the harbour and got a pizza cooking for our lunch.

The weather was a bit blustery still but we wanted to get a bit of a walk in, so togged up, locked up and headed out.

Something that one couldn’t help but notice was the old boat moored up harbour side which was clearly no longer a working boat in the traditional sense of a fishing boat, but was now a tea rooms! I was intrigued to try it! So after a stroll around the harbour point and up over the little bit of headland there, we climbed aboard the ‘Fleur des Thés’.

What a delightful place! We were majorly impressed. It had been transformed into the most lovely nautical themed tea room, serving as we discovered, delicious patisserie as well as selling gifts.

The charming owner spoke a little English and seeing our interest brought over the scrapbook of articles and photos that she had kept since its inception 10 years ago in 2006. From a comment she made, you could see and interpret her passion about the place, if that wasn’t already plainly evident!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time relaxing there in that lovely cosy nautical ambience over our coffee and cakes! We absolutely recommend it! Brilliant!

Feeling inspired, when we got back to the van, and while Michael cracked on with work, I pulled out a box of colouring pencils and ink pen and had a bash at sketching the distant scene. It’s not without a lot of faults, but I was kind of happy with my rusty little attempt, and am determined I shall pull out the tin of colouring pencils and pen again sooner than later!

Date of visit: 02/08/2016

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