Plouarzel and Ploumoguer – 1

Plouarzel was a great find. We were driving along passing plenty of campsites, but you know us, always eager for a free overnighter!

We spotted a couple of motorhomes in this particular random coastal car park, and with no signs forbidding motorhomes, joined them. It worked out great actually as we were all really well spaced apart and effectively on our own.

It rained all evening but not a problem with the shelter of our little home on wheels. Michael cooked up some breaded fish, and spontaneously decided to try having it as a fish sandwich! – and enjoyed it.

The following day, with the rain having stopped, we enjoyed a wander about on the beach over the road.

From here, we drove on, stopping briefly at Ploumoguer.

Date of visit: 03/08 to 04/08/2016

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