Brest – 1

Brest was easy to park in, just below the chateau in a large, free, general car park.

We paid to visit the old castle, then headed down to the port where we got a lunch in, and followed that with a gentle stroll around the marina.

We didn’t bother exploring anything else of Brest as we had pretty much seen all we had planned to see. It took a hammering in the Second World War, so along with various other cities much was sadly destroyed.

En-route to Brest we had pulled into the free aire at Plouzané to do our services, and I have to say I’ve never in all my 9 years of motorhoming seen such a vast service point!!! Wow!!! It was more like a monument! What you have to take your hat off to though is, unlike so many we’ve used over the years, this one is damage free!!! No chance of hitting it as it looms up in your mirrors!!! Fantastic!

Whilst Michael was doing the services I enjoyed chatting to a nice Austrian couple from Gratz, who needless to say spoke very good English which was fortunate as I don’t speak any German.

Date of visit: 05/08/2016

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