Landerneau – 1

Landerneau was recommended by Jersey friends Dean and Lynn – also motorhomers.

We were happy to pay the 6 Euros for this well set out aire convenient for the town.

We pitched up, all nicely hedged off one van from another, with plenty of tree shade, and walked along the estuary to town.

We did well with a beautifully sunny day and though we couldn’t get into the restaurant we had hoped to, the one we settled on proved to be a great find.

We sat out on their shaded terrace and enjoyed a superb lunch of savoury tarte, followed by steak in a shallot sauce and dessert, well, talk about sublime! I had a coffee tiramisu, but unlike any other – this one was soft and silky and I’m sure based largely around a sabayon, giving it’s dreamy texture! You can tell I’m still there eating it in my memory can’t you!!!

After our relaxed lunch we ambled around this lovely town, enjoying our away thing of no timescales and no commitments.

We had enjoyed the town so much, and having had a breather back at base camp, we fancied getting the bikes down for the short ride back in (all of 5 minutes!). We weren’t hugely hungry since our lunch, but with the pair of us it’s not unusual for us to fancy something else to eat not too long after our last meal!

The idea of a sweet crepe came to mind, and never a shortage of creperies, we quickly found one that caught our eye with it’s fabulous interior. It was a melange of lovely old wooden furniture, antique paraphanalia, and all things wood basically and was so charming, no least in its position on the old bridge over the river with little open window to the rear and sound of the rushing water.

With eyes bigger than our bellies, or in our case, with bellies invariably with a bit of extra space!, we ended up ordering a savoury crepe and green salad too as well as our sweet crepe!

We stayed on in town to enjoy the evening lights then made our way home on the bikes.

As soon as we arrived back a young Spanish girl appeared out of the near darkness (part of a group of four, free camping on a pitch in the aire we’d paid our 6 Euros for! – somewhat irritating!), and came and asked for matches, which we obliged her with (me scrabbling around on my hands and knees looking for them in the under bed locker).

To then have them chatting and laughing loudly for a good while when we had turned in for the night seemed rather inconsiderate in return!!! Hmmmm!!! C’est la vie!

Apart from that minor irritation, Landernea and it’s aire were a huge success and we sent our friends a postcard to thank them for the recommendation.

May we in turn recommend it to you!

Date of visit: 06/08/2016

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