Plonévez Porzay – 1

On to Plonévez Porzay we headed with fair haste (somewhat hindered by commuter traffic!). We had made arrangements to link up with Gary and Denise who we’d met a couple of weeks before. They were on their way back up north having been down to Biarritz after we first met them in Finistere.

It was lovely when we finally got to join them at the village aire, and chilled out together over an impromptu bbq supper of sausages, pork chops and salad! Motorhome fridges are a wonderful thing! Lovely too to be able to rustle up some easy food at short notice and even better to share and enjoy it with great company as we did with Gary and Denise, as well as Ste, a lovely chap from Rochdale, who the others had met earlier on that day.

It’s great to meet folk and take an instant liking to them, and enjoy their company over simple good food and wine! It’s a shame to have to say goodbye to them all, as often these strangers that one meets are folk we genuinely would enjoy seeing as long term friends.

We will keep in touch! – and definitely hope to cross paths again before too long!

Date of visit: 08/08/2016

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