Quimper via Audierne – 1

Our friends Kenny and Tanya had been touring further south in France, but we made plans to link up if it proved viable. As it turns out, we were able to rendezvous in Quimper, they having made a lot of headway back up north.

Our plan was to meet at the ‘Petit Train’ and hop on board together for an easy tour of the town.

We approached Quimper from Audierne, which is a place we stopped at overnight with our friends on a previous trip. We made good use of the free aire there. Just passing through this time.

Our stop was the paying parking at the station in Quimper, then the 10 mins or so walk into town to enjoy some catch up chatting with Kenny and Tanya whilst we all waited for the next run of the little tourist train.

After the 30 or 40 minute tour, and neither couple sure of their next plan of action, we said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways, with the plan to catch up properly when we were all back in Jersey.

Michael and I had a brief wander about and then decided to get a bit of lunch in. The main square was buzzing and with plenty of tables free, we sat down and waited for a menu to be brought over.

Hilariously, when I glanced to my left, there was Kenny and Tanya just feet away! What a laugh! They had just ordered, but we joined them, pulling up another table, and enjoyed a very good lunch and more good conversation.

Our goodbyes after lunch were the final goodbyes and we again headed our separate ways having had a great time together.

Michael and I had a bit of a walk around the town before making our way back to the van.

We had visited Quimper quite some years ago via car with the girls plus two of my sisters and their families, but I had totally forgotten what the town was like, so good to see it again.

Date of visit: 11/08/2016

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