Auray and its Old Port – 1

The star of Auray is its old port. However, unaware of that at the time, we parked up in the town on a road in the outskirts and walked the few moments in. The town itself has all the usual restaurants, shops and so forth, but it was the walk down hill to the old port that was the highlight.

It would have been all too easy to have visited the town above and never discover the gem in the port below!

Auray has a lot of medieval architecture from when you start in the town centre at the top, as you walk down the old street towards the port, and in the port itself.

As we arrived at the bottom of the hill on foot, and admittedly it was a lovely sunny day, the view of the old bridge and background scene was stunning.

Being August, the place was buzzing, but not heaving. We strolled over the bridge and around and and about and I couldn’t resist getting a coffee ice-cream. It was so special sitting across the river just drinking in that stunning view, and the ice-cream being delicious, and it a hot day, I couldn’t resist a second! I probably should have cut out the middle man, and from the outset splashed out on a double cone, but actually, getting a single one, and coming back for another, probably wasn’t such a bad idea!

I’d go back to Auray just for the coffee ice-cream even!!!!

Actually Michael and I were surprised we’ve not heard of Auray or visited it before as it certainly is a very special place.

Up above the port, on that side of the river is accommodation for motorhome parking with a similar stroll down into the port.

We will do that another time, no least we have seen the town, and go direct to enjoy the old port. There are eateries and bars down there, and of course that stunning view!

Date of visit: 13/08/2014

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