Vannes and overnight at Sérent – 1

Vannes makes for a great visit. We’ve been before now with the girls, a couple of times, originally when they were quite little, but never Michael and I with the van.

We found the limited parking spaces available specifically for motorhomes and felt rather miffed that cars were using it too! This was totally inconsiderate as there was a generous designated car park across the road, not available to motorhomes. Some people just don’t think! – or don’t read signs!

Luckily we got a place, locked the van up, and ambled along the waters edge past the marina into the heart of Vannes. Another searing hot day so this of course made on the flip side for a fabulous evening.

We didn’t get into town until reasonably late as regards eating out, but a table freed up and we managed to eat al-fresco as hoped. We had a great meal and loved the ambience of sitting there in the buzzing street watching the world go by. Definitely our kind of thing!

As the light disappeared Vannes took on it’s night time appearance with a whole different feel that goes with that. We’ve never seen the chateau and gardens lit up before, or any of Vannes (having visited only in the daytime), so that was a bonus.

Fairly late, having explored the old streets after our leisurely meal, we ambled back along past the marina ready for our nights sleep. It had been a hot and busy day.

Rather annoyingly a loud group of partygoers were clearly well away from their home time, and knowing we’d be unable to sleep (not helped by the heat!), we took a view and headed off, me driving.

Perhaps 20 or 30 mins away, I forget, we pulled in at a free aire, made the bed up and settled down to sleep, but soon after I just knew that a background noise of, be it a party or whatever, was not going to allow for that! It was just loud enough to be annoying, so, feeling well awake, I threw on my dressing gown and climbed back into the drivers seat after Michael had disassembled the bed, opened up the blinds and so forth! We’d not be great for a quick getaway!!!

It was a bit annoying but we’d find somewhere else – well ordinarily we would!

I don’t exactly know what happened (Michael did explain the next day!) but basically we started down what felt like rathermore minor pitch black roads, going to nowhere fast, and me now getting tired and short on patience, we did a ‘U’ turn and returned to the place we came from – at least I think that’s what happened! – but there again I’m not sure – it’s all a blur now!!! Either way it was called Sérent and provided us a free and quiet nights stop!

Date of visit: 13/08/2016

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