Our family van tour – Langourla – 1

At the end of our north west Brittany trip we managed to organise for our daughters Poppy and Daisy to join us with Poppy’s Motorhome (which had been ours prior to her owning it).

Daisy, when in her early teens, had come away with us for a few motorhome trips, but had not had the opportunity since. Poppy has loved motorhoming ever since she bought the Talbot from us, and is hooked! Daisy is planning on getting a motorhome too in the next few years. As a family we are well and truly hooked on the lifestyle!

We felt it would be something special to get the two existing Larbalestier vans on a mini family tour together, and no least an opportunity, whilst away all together, to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary (unable to be together on the day once back in Jersey).

We planned to have the girls meet us at Langourla for our first overnight stop. It’s a rural village an hour from St Malo and where we used to have a house, so a sentimental place to kick off our mini tour.

We were approaching the village from a different direction, hence not meeting the girls at the ferry. We were confident they’d find their way there!

As the daylight was fast disappearing it was great to see the van lights approaching along the track to the village lake. We hadn’t seen them in a month since our travels, so particularly good to see the two of them again.

It was on board our van for drinks and nibbles and we were all ears to hear how the journey so far had gone for them. All well I hasten to add!

The pair of them sharing a ‘bedroom’ on the van that night may well have reminded them of their twin bedroom at the French house they used to share. I imagine they chatted for a good while before getting to sleep!

The next morning, all of us having enjoyed a lovely quiet night, we drove to the junction near our old home, locked up and walked the pretty route down and around and back up towards the house along the public track.

As we approached the house it was more or less as we knew it, bar the shutters! It was pretty overgrown but charming as ever! Undoubtedly walking past brought back a lot of happy memories! Thank goodness for all the photos we took while we were there those 7 years!

Date of visit: 15/08/2016

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