Our family van tour – Malestroit – 1

We set out on the one van to visit Malestroit, another canal side medieval town, which again, we know.

Since we last visited, a larger free motorhome aire has been created in a field near the canal and I have no doubt we will be using it sometime!

Once parked up we ambled along the canal a short way and into the town, where in the heat of the day it was ideal to pull up some chairs at one of the bar terraces and enjoy some refreshment. It was very pleasant sat there chatting over a cold drink as well as watching the world go by! Had we needed an easy bite to eat, we might well have been tempted by Raoul’s Pizzas. Our Jersey friends said it’s great! – great pizzas and with an amazing fresh pizza vending machine for out of hours. We’ll definitely try that one day!

Date of visit: 15/08/2016

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