Plage de la Varde – 1

This looks to be our last trip of the year due to work commitments – c’est la vie!

We have managed to squeeze in this last one at really short notice, and are touring along the Normandy coast, having headed east from St Malo.

The boat was 2 hours delayed and another 20 minutes added on to the journey length, all due to the usual technical problems, but we got there in the end around 11.30pm and thankfully only had around a 20 minute drive to our free night stop at Plage de la Varde.

We pulled in to a gap between some other motorhomes, and the surface being flat were able to turn our engine off immediately causing minimal disturbance to our neighbours (all shut up for the night already). Had the ground not been flat, we may have had to get out our tyre blocks, delaying that somewhat. Ordinarily we’d settle in for the night earlier.

Well, we had a really good night’s sleep, had a lie in, with no commitments, and ate our sandwich lunch before heading out for a walk on the headland.

That was a great overnighter. We’ll definitely use that again.

Date of visit: 17/09/2016

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