Rock Sculptures at Rotheneuf – 1

Rock Sculptures at Rotheneuf was our next stop, just minutes further along the coast. We weren’t put off by the sign en-route saying ‘demi-tour difficile camping cars’ as it wasn’t saying camping cars couldn’t go that route. We carried on and found the free parking (suitable for a free overnighter if needs be), paid our 2.5 Euros each and followed the path 2 minutes down to the rocks that overlooked the bay below.

We asked a lady if there were more sculptures to see down at the rocks on the beach, and she said no, which I was pleased about, as that would have been a scramble.

The rocks had been carved by one solitary man and I read all about it once, but can’t remember the details to tell you! Plenty of info on the Internet of course!

It was an absolute work of art and incredible the workmanship and time that has clearly gone into it. I’m sure many people would question the use of such a lot of time, but probably not a lot more than many of us spend in front of our televisions!

Certainly he had a lot to show for his use of time, and for a long time yet!

Well worth a visit! – oh, and the restaurant there looked really nice – might try that one day on another trip! Will check it out on Trip Advisor.

Date of visit: 17/09/2016

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