Saint-Coulomb Plage du Port – 1

We stopped in the cark park by the beach at Saint-Coulomb for a drink on the terrace at La Perle Noir, another place to try for food another time perhaps. Great view!

The car park would have done us fine for an overnighter had we needed it, but we have come just a little further on to the free overnighter stop here at Saint-Coulomb Plage du Port.

We have readily parked up, without needing our blocks, and without near neighbours, bonus! I cooked us a chicken curry with rice and made some cornmeal flatbreads as a side. I have yet to tackle the washing up! Always more of a challenge with the more limited working space on board, but hey ho! Well worth the minor inconvenience for this lifestyle!

Tomorrow we shall get a walk in before moving on.

Date of visit: 17/09/2016

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