Near Pontorson – 1

Today we’ve just been driving really, but with no pressure to be anywhere, so taking our time as we invariably do.

We pulled in at the side of quiet country road late afternoon for a cuppa.

After a little more leisurely driving we have pulled in to our free Park4Night stop and so far have it to ourselves, and likely it’ll stay that way, but will tell you in the morning!

We’re canal side, and with a cycle track running to Mont Saint Michel one way, and the town of Pontorson the other direction.

We have a pretty view of horses in the meadow, and if we walk a few feet literally from the van, we can see Mont Saint Michel in the distance, and later shall do that again to see it illuminated at night time.

It’s blowy outside, but cosy in our little home on wheels and a great spot to enjoy the passing cyclists and a flock of birds performing their own air display.

Supper this evening has been a lot of wasabi peanuts, and in Michael’s case, glass of white wine too! I was going to do us an avocado salad, but we’re stuffed already!

Earlier on it was great to receive an email from our dear friends Nick and Sal from England who are looking to be on track to come over as planned. We shall keep heading in a Cherbourg direction and all being well, catch up with them, Bella and Sophie, at the tail end of our trip.

Date of visit: 19/09/2016

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