Vains (with ‘Le Grouin du Sud’) in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, at the base of the Cotentin Peninsula – 1

Hair washed and our minimalist laundry done, we set off from our lovely overnight spot somewhere around mid-day. Not too aware of time ever on these trips – fantastic!

We drove through the town of Pontorson, having stopped there to get our Lidl groceries.

We passed a fully working windmill that is visitable for a modest fee, but not something we had in mind to do.

The weather is very mild and very pleasant, just how we like it, not hot, not cold!

We have pulled up by the side of the road in a designated parking spot for our bread and cheese etc lunch on board overlooking a maize field with Mont Saint Michel in the distance. We have visited it before now, and one day in the future will hook out the photos of that trip and create a belated post!

It costs to park and to visit, so although it’s a must see, having seen it already, we won’t be needing to do it again.

The rest of the afternoon we drive along quiet country roads taking in the Park4Night stops that Michael had mapped in. Plenty of sheep to be seen in this salty marshland geography.

After bypassing Avranches, having visited in the past, our final resting place of the day is Vains (with ‘Le Grouin du Sud’) in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, at the base of the Cotentin Peninsula. I think that covers it!

It’s a stunning spot overlooking the bay in an elevated position and not a building about, just the parking spaces. We get up onto our blocks (or cheeses as we always call them!), to achieve a level interior, lock up and take a walk to the far point, two or three minutes walk from the van. It’s a really special view – stunning as I say, and you need to walk along that path to get to really appreciate the view fully.

We’ve been fortunate to visit here in good weather with good visibility admittedly, but it’s the same with anywhere after all! The weather totally affects a view.

Neither of us had a great sleep last night – no idea why not, but we’re up now and Michael’s working and I’m blogging! The sky is hazy at the moment but it makes for a very comfortable temperature, so am not complaining!

Date of visit: 19/09/2016

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